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About Us
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We are an enterprise specializing in the purchasing, manufacturing, processing, import and export trading of fishing and marine products. We have adopted the quality management system of ISO9001 and the environment evaluation system of ISO14001. Using the development principles of advanced standards, superior quality and high efficiency,

We have been engaged in seafood business for more than 12 years. Our factory has an area of 10000 square meters and has a daily output of 250MT. We have our own vessels, refrigerating plants and a processing factory. Our refrigerating plants can stock more than 1000 tons of frozen fish. Our processing factory has production facilities, laboratories and other advanced hardware facilities.

All our products are produced according to HACCP regulations for seafood. We mainly sell products to customers in Asia, EU, the Middle East and Africa,USA and South Amarica.

Our factory is a leading provider of the following seafood:

1. Pacific mackerel whole round ( scomber japonicu & scomber australicus )
2. Pacific mackerel HG/HGT: 80-120g,100-150g,150-200g,200-300g,280g+
3. Pacific mackerel Cuts: all sizes
4. Pacific mackerel butterfly/fillets:50-80g,80-120g
5. Horse mackerel:14cm+,16cm+,18cm+,20cm+,25cm+
6. Bonito tuna 150-200g,200-300g,300-500g,500-700g,700-1000g,1000g+
7. Skipjack tuna:500-1000g,1000-2000g,2000-3000g,3000-5000g
8. Belted bonito:500-1000g,1000-2000g,2000-3000g,3000-5000g
9.Spanish mackerel fillets.80-120g,100-150g,150-200g,200g+
10.Spanish mackerel whole round: all sizes
11. Sardine whole round/HGT: 50-80g, 80-120g
12.Spotted moonfish:100-150g,150-200g,200-300g
13. Mahi Mahi WR/Fillets: 1000-2000g,2000-5000g/400g+
14:Tilapia WR/HGT/GS/GGS/Fillets and so on
15:Squid Tube,Squid Ring,Squid T+T,R+T,Fillets,Strips
Carving,Cube,Tentacle,Pine apple cut,Wing,Breaded squid steak
16.Precooked tuna loins: Skipjack, Sarda,Bonito, Mackerel, Tonggol

Because we have our owe fishing boats, processing factory, import and export department, therefore, we could supply first quality products to you in reasonable price.

We realize that service is one of the most important essentials in today's market, With a very young team, we have more powerful, patient, and passion, so we always trying to provide the best service to meet the expectations of our customers.

"Quality first, basing on credit." Sincerely welcome all customers to do business with our company for good long term cooperation and mutual benefit to create more successful and wonderful future.

Basic Information
  • Main Products:
    Pacific mackerel,horse mackerel, bonito, sarda,saury,sardine,mahi,grey mullet, loligo squid, illex squid.john dory gurnard and so on.
  • Main Purchasing Products:
    all kinds
  • Company Type:
    Manufacture & Trade
  • Business Range:
    Aquatic Products ,
  • Number of Employees:
    20 ~ 50
  • Established Year:
  • Total Annual Sales Volume:
    Below US$1 Million
  • Main Markets:
    Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia,Africa,Mid East,Eastern Asia,Western Europe,
Contact Information
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